Acer Laptop Screen won't Turn On. How to fix it

An Acer laptop is a device with all the functionalities and features of a modern-day system. The system is protected from any trouble so that it can provide uninterrupted service to the user. But as in the case of electronic devices, there can be issues at any time and it needs to fix with a cool head.

Acer laptop users have also come up to the support team with various types of device problems. One of the common issues faced by Acer laptop users is that the device is not responding or not opening. In this scenario, the laptop screen will not turn on. The issue of the black screen needs to be tackled carefully and proper troubleshooting steps are suggested in this article. Also, get in touch with the Acer laptop support experts over Acer Laptop Screen that won't Turn On for advanced assistance.

Check out the troubleshooting steps to fix the Acer laptop's black screen issue

No Battery Detection

Is the battery pack installed correctly in the device? Follow the guide to install the battery onto the Acer laptop. If the problem is not fixed yet, make sure that there are no bent pins where the battery is placed. The internal condition of the laptop can also be the reason for battery issues. Start looking for a new laptop in such scenarios as Acer Laptop Black Screen.

Battery Drained Out After Acer Laptop Black Screen After Logo

Is the battery working or charging the device? Plug in the power chord to charge the battery. Make sure that the battery is holding the charge. If it is not, then there is a problem with the battery and it needs to be replaced quickly. Dial Acer Laptop Black Screen After Logo asking for assistance for the device. To fix the battery issue in the laptop, it is better to take assistance from technical experts.

How to Fix Acer Aspire Black Screen Problem & Laptop displaying a black screen

Is the computer showing only black screen? The device might be hit by any virus attack which is causing the problem. Run malware software unless the user doesn’t need the data stored on the laptop. Start the device and tap on the ‘F8’ key. As the menu comes up, select ‘Repair’. Now click ‘OK’ and then in the next screen choose ‘Recovery Management’. It will restore the device to factory defaults to know How to Fix Acer Aspire Black Screen Problem.

Broken Display

Is the display of the device broken? If the indicator light is not turning on, then it might be possible that the display is broken. Also, if the battery is detected and charged but still the indicator light is off, then surely there is a problem with the computer display.


The overheating of the device can also create problems for the device. The device will not start or the display won’t display anything. Is the laptop fan not working? Turn off the laptop, flip it over, and turn it back on. Is the fan working? The fan processor might be not functioning and it needs to be replaced. There is also the issue of a fan clogged processor. The fan might be clogged and it stops functioning when it collects dust. Blow compressed air into the fan and remove dust from the device.

Contact Acer Laptop not Working for the best help and assistance. Dial Acer Laptop not Turning On for the latest solutions. The support experts are expert professionals tackling different device problems on regular basis. They will remotely diagnose the issue and will provide exact solutions.

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