Guide to Fix Acer Laptop not Working

Acer is one of the well-known manufacturers of Laptops and software-related programming that serves in making the lives of its users easy. It provides laptops and systems in almost every range for the convenience of its users and brings about the best possible chance in the technology field.

If you own an Acer Laptop and lately you’ve started facing some acer laptop not working issues, and you just cannot get out of the situation because you’ve done everything in your power to resolve it. However, you still end up in a troublesome situation. Well, it is not a thing to worry about, as the points listed below will make you understand the root cause on the problems you are facing in a hassle-free and timely manner for your own benefit;

Fix Acer Laptop Not Working

You can fix your Acer Laptop not working with the help of going through the ways mentioned below and giving it a check;

  • Check the Cable- Manier times; it is not the Laptop but the cable that has been damaged because of folding it again and again. Primarily, check the charging cable of your Laptop, whether the adapter is working correctly or not, and if the wire is well-maintained or broken from the inside from any place.
  • The battery of the Laptop- Make sure that you remove the battery for once and then plug it in on power and check whether the Laptop is booting or not because sometimes the battery gets damaged, and it results in the Laptop not booting up. So, try to operate your Laptop without the battery by just connecting it to power without the battery inserted in it.
  • Laptop Fan- If your Acer Laptop boots but it keeps on shutting down and worries you that what if this results in you losing your data. In that case, check the fan of your Laptop whether it is working when you switch your Laptop on. If you find that the fan isn't working then it would not be advisable to switch your Laptop on.
  • Update- Check the version of your Laptop; make sure that you run a hardware test after switching your Laptop on so that it can showcase whether there’s any hardware problem with your Laptop or not. You can view the status of all your Hardware with the help of running down the Hardware test and give it a check that which part exactly needs maintenance.
  • Software issue- Check the Windows version of your Acer Laptop. If an old version is downloaded on your Laptop, it will not support all the present and upgraded features, and your Laptop will lag in performance, so make sure that you have the latest software downloaded to your Laptop.

Thus, by going through all the protocols mentioned above, one can troubleshoot the problems instantly.

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