A laptop is the most used device these days. When your laptop is not working, there may be many reasons like it can have some technical issue or it can be a software issue. So before you take it to the service center, it's always best to diagnose the problem at our end. You can also speak to the laptop Technical support team to diagnose the problem. Here the information below will update you regarding some common problems that a laptop can have.

Some Common Laptop Problems & Solutions:

Battery not getting charged: This is a common problem that most users face. If your laptop is not working without a charger, it means there is a battery problem. To check, you can unplug your laptop and see if the battery has gone by detaching it from the laptop. Now plugging the charger into the laptop, if the laptop turns on and is working smoothly, it means the problem is with your laptop battery. You can check your laptop charger, remove the battery, and if the laptop doesn't turn on while plugging it, there must be a charger problemYou can also check for the software running in the background as it may also consume battery quickly. In case it happens, turn on the battery saver mode on your laptop.

Keyboard not working: Shake your keyboard upside down if you realize that some keys are not working; this will help remove any dirt and dust particle from your keyboard. When none of the keys are working, there may be a faulty keyboard driver. Go to the device manager, and you will see a yellow exclamation icon. Re-download the necessary drivers again; this will help you to fix the problem. You can also check the keyboard connection whether it is connected properly or not.

Blue screen of death: This is another common error faced by window laptops. BSOD can be caused by many things and can be related to hardware as well as software. In some cases, just re-starting the laptop will fix the issue.

Overheating: Most of the time, overheating can also create a problem. In that case, you can download Speed fan, which is a free temperature monitoring tool for the window. Monitoring the overheating will help you to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Other problems your laptop may have are hard drive failure, laptop not getting started, laptops on but without any display, window start booting but not proceeding. You can also check for viruses by running an antivirus application. Using the above information, you can check these issues yourself. In case you find it difficult, you can always take assistance from the laptop technical support team. The support team can help you with many problems being a user you may not find.

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