Install Games on my Laptop without CD Drive

Learn the Alternatives to Install Games on Laptop Instead of CD Drive

Do you love to play games on your Laptop? What if you wanted to install some new games on your Laptop but it is without a CD drive. Now, if you are wondering whether installing games on a Laptop without CD drive is possible or not, then the correct answer is yes it is very much feasible. Some alternate options are available that helps to install games on Laptop even if your device comes without CD drive. Therefore if you want to learn the alternative methods to install games on your Laptop without CD drives, then get the correct information from below.

Install Magic Disc program

  • Open a browser on your Laptop and go to the Magic ISO web page
  • Next, download the Magic Disc version based on the operating system in your Laptop
  • Then open Magic Disc setup from download folder and start its installation
  • Once the installation is complete a pop up window will appear on Laptop screen
  • Right click on the icon then choose virtual CD/DVD option
  • Then go to Mount image tab and choose the files you want to run as CD image
  • Hereafter, start playing the game on your Laptop directly or install it first

Use External CD Drive

  • You can also use an external CD drive to install games on your Laptop instead of internal CD drive
  • At first you have to connect that external CD drive on your Laptop’s USB port
  • Then start installing the game on your Laptop via that external CD drive you have connected
  • Once the game is installed on your Laptop you can play comfortably and enjoy it

Use a USB Flash Drive

  • USB flash drives has also become very common now a days that comes at very reasonable price with good enough storage space
  • You can use this USB flash drive to install and play games on your Laptop
  • At first, you need to make your USB flash drive boo table before using to install game on Laptop
  • You can also use USB flash drive to transfer a game in your Laptop from someone else system

Therefore if you are inquiring how to install games on my laptop without CD drive, then the most feasible alternatives are already discussed above. However, you can also get help from a technical expert, at the time you encounter trouble while installing a new game on your Laptop without CD drive in the most successful manner.

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