Lenovo laptops are amongst the best laptops that provide the best features and tools to its user so that they can use it for their work. Lenovo laptops have now become the first choice of the user and are being used all around the world by millions of people. Lenovo laptops come in various and different models which are remarkable in their working.

Its features and systems are really easy to understand and are totally user-friendly. But, the touchpad of these laptops are manually worked i.e. the user can enable and disable it according to their work preferences and can control it. Enabling and disabling the mouse of Lenovo laptops require certain steps that the user needs to follow.

Besides, the steps to unlock the mouse on a Lenovo laptop are mentioned below but to get more details about these steps the user can also call on the Lenovo Tech Support Number and can talk with the concerning representatives related to this topic. The number can be availed by visiting the Lenovo site and can be dialed at any time of the day as it is active for 24 hours.

To unlock the mouse on Lenovo laptops, first of all, the user needs to reinstall the touchpad driver on their laptops. For doing this :

Get details for the process to unlock the mouse on a Lenovo laptop

  • Users need to go to the web browser and should enter the following URL in the address bar. The URL for this is http://www.laptopsupportplus.com/how-to-format-lenovo-laptop/
  • Then select the download option and further select on I agree.
  • By doing this the installation file of the touchpad driver of the Lenovo laptop will be saved on the systems.
  • The user then needs to go to the location where they have saved the file and give double-click on the exe file to run it.
  • By doing this the installation wizard will get opened on the screen.
  • The user then is required to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation steps.
  • Now the user needs to select the Windows logo option and also should select the R key simultaneously so that the run command box gets opened.
  • In the given box the user needs to enter the control mouse and should select enter.
  • Select the device settings option and from there go to the devices list menu and select on enable.
  • Select ok to unlock the mouse and further save the changes made.

Therefore, in these ways, the user can easily unlock their mouse on the Lenovo laptops whenever they wish to. These steps are simple to follow and the user can easily undertake them whenever they feel that they require the help of a mouse for their laptop work. While following these steps the user should remember and should make sure that these steps have been followed in the correct way so that no issue is faced by the user in the future when they are working on their Lenovo laptops.

Contact Lenovo laptops technicians for the best solutions :

On the other hand, when the user is following these steps there may be chances that the user faces several issues for which they might be needing the best troubleshooting steps. The user then can go through the troubleshooting steps and can solve all their queries. But, many times the user is unable to understand the solutions and requires experts who can brief them about the solutions in the easiest way. So, for this purpose, Lenovo technical support can be contacted by the user at any time of the day so as to get the best technical answers for each issue.

Why contact the technical representatives of Lenovo laptops?

The technical support team members of Lenovo are executives who are technically trained and are experts in providing solutions for each and every issue be it technical or nontechnical. The technical representatives can therefore be contacted by calling on its phone number and even by emailing their queries to them. These representatives are available all the time so that they provide the answers instantly.

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