To protect your laptop from any misuse it is advised that you set a strong password for your laptop. Like any other good quality laptops, HP laptop also allows you to set laptop password. So every time you start or restart your HP laptop you need to enter the password to get to the screen. Now these days one issue has become very common which is forgetting password frequently. To protect your laptop from misuse you set password for your HP laptop but what if you also forgot the password. You cannot access your laptop now. But don’t worry you can Reset hp laptop password. You should note that if you have set a power-on password for your laptop then you will have to contact HP or reinstall your operating system. But if you set simply the log-on password which you need now then you can follow below easy way to get into your computer. How To Reset Hp Laptop Password

  • First power down your laptop by holding the power button for about five seconds or so.

  • Then turn your laptop on.
  • Now you can start pressing the F8 button on the top row of your keyboard after the HP screen loads but before windows opens.
  • Then select "Safe Mode" from the advanced options menu.
  • Now select the administrator account.

Now You Can Reset hp Password By Following Below Steps

  • First you need to go to the Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  • Then select "User Accounts."
  • After that select the account for which you want to reset the password.
  • Now choose the option "Change Password" and follow the on screen instructions.

So this is how you can reset your HP laptop password.

Hp Laptop Keyboard not Working

As you saw above one technical problems which is how to reset your HP laptop password, similarly you can face several other technical issues with your HP laptop. For any small or big issue you need support from technical expert. For this you can dial Hp laptop keyboard not working and talk to the technical expert to get the solution of the issue at hand.

Hp Laptop not Working

You buy HP laptop for your personal and professional use. Now you use many good features of HP laptop and find the use very good. But as you use your laptop every day you hear about some features of your laptop which you don’t know about and then you don’t know how to use it either. You want to install some software, antivirus program and other program on your laptop and then you don’t know how you can download and install it and make compatibility of your HP laptop with the software you are looking to download. For all such critical and useful information you can dial Hp laptop not working and get the desired help.

Hp Laptop Password Reset

For any kind of help or to connect to a specific department expert of HP you can dial Hp laptop password reset. You can simply raise your query to the representative on phone and then either the representative on phone will solve your issue or he will connect you to to concerned department for the desired information or solution you are looking for.

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