Simple Steps to Install Windows 10 On Any HP Laptops

The Hewlett-Packard Company which is referred to as HP is an American multinational technology based company location is headquartered in Polo Alto, California. It develops and provides a huge variety of hardware products as well as software and many other related services to their consumers which ever field there are in such as small and medium size business or large enterprises which includes customers based in various sectors such as government, health and education.

Now knowing about the origin of the HP company, let us also know some of the features which is why the number of user has increased drastically and below are the mention points:

  • Trusted Assistance is provided
  • Prompt service
  • Low cost
  • Overall benefits of professional service

Easy Way to install Windows 10 in HP Laptops:

  • Enter your computer’s BIOS: To come on to the BIOS first turn off the computer that you wish to install Windows on then restart. When this BIOS screen appears and if not then manually prompt is required, by pressing Del, Esc to get the system BIOS.
  • Locate your BIOS’s boot menu: This boot option menu from your BIOS may vary but eventually you will find it if you search around.If not then you can’t then, search the name of your BIOS online for help.
  • Select the CD-ROM drive as the first boot device of your computer: With this method may vary in computers, the boot menu is totally a menu for movable device names which is to set in your CD-ROM drive as the first device.
  • Save the changes of the settings: Enter the button that indicates to select the save option from the BIOS menu to save configuration.
  • Shut off your computer: Either turn off the computer by choosing the shut-down option or else hold the power button until it powers off.
  • Switch onto the laptop and then insert the Windows 10 disc into your CD drive.
  • Start your computer from the disc: After placing the disc in the disc drive, start your computer. When the computer starts, tap a key if you are asked if you would like to boot from the disc by pressing any key.
  • Choose your Windows Setup options: Once Setup loads. Choose your preference in language, keyboard type, and time/currency format, then Next.
  • Click the Install Now button.
  • Accept the License Terms.
  • Select the Custom installation.
  • Decide on which hard drive and partition you want to install Windows on.
  • Install Windows on your preferred hard drive and partition.
  • The Windows 10 will be installed to your HP laptop.

Contact the Hp Laptop Technical Support Phone Number:

Hp Laptop technical support phone number is designed phone number for the user to get connected over the call and this at times if not available then they can also opt for the another options so provided as the live chat and the email service where the email should have all the details of the issue and once they view it then and give a callback to the user and all the related solutions will be shared over the call. These option are made so in case the call does not connect then they can use these in place of that. They get all the required help from the well trained and full of knowledge for its users.

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