How to Factory Reset Apple Laptop?

Users who are utilising Apple devices be it iPhone, ipads, MAC etc can factory reset their device whenever they wish to do so. For factory resetting there are certain steps that the user needs to follow and further they can make their phone absolutely new. User should remember to make a backup of their device so that after deleting the data they have a backup for it. So, to factory reset the device the user can easily follow the below mentioned steps and can also get in touch with the Apple Customer Support for this purpose. The customer representatives available for this can be contacted by calling its specific number and can also be use their emails for it.

Factory Reset Apple Devices with These Provided Steps

  • For resetting the Apple device, first of all the user need to select on settings on their devices.
  • Then, select on general menu and go down to see the reset option.
  • Further select on erase all content and settings and delete the items that the user wants.
  • The user then need to enter their passcode or their restriction code of the device to get all the items deleted.
  • After this the user need to enter their Apple ID password in the given box so as to remove the account as well.
  • Once all these steps have been followed by the user the device will take some time to get reset.
  • When the factory reset is completed the user will get the welcome screen on their Apple devices on which the user need to swipe so as to continue accessing the device.

Therefore, by following these steps the user will easily be enabled to factory reset their Apple devices. The factory resetting of Apple devices is really necessary for devices as many times there are certain issues that occurs in the device and the best solution for it is to reset the device totally. Besides, the Apple Customer Service can be contacted by the user if they face any hassle related to following of these steps.

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