After smartphones, now Smart Tv has been introduced in the market for people. These TVs are such that they can be connected with laptops, computers and even phones. These smart TVs can directly mirror the screen when connected with other electronic machines. Hence, if you are a user who wishes to connect your laptop with Smart TV but does not know how then you shall not get reluctant. As you have landed here in search of your answer so you can relax as we have you covered. You can follow the steps further in this article to connect laptop to smart TV without hesitation.

Steps to Connect Laptop to Your Smart Tv!

Learning How to Connect Laptop to Smart Tv with HDMI Cable!
  • Start by connecting the laptop to TV with the help of HDMI Cable.
  • Then turn on both the devices and wait for them to load all the settings.
  • And now select the correct HDMI input on the TV with the help of the remote.
  • This is how you can easily connect and use Smart Tv with a laptop.
In case the connection does not start automatically than from your laptop screen you need to tap on settings and choose the Display option under the system section. Make sure that TV is selected.

Connecting Laptop to Smart TV with VGA Cable!

  • Start by connecting the laptop and TV with VGA Cable.
  • And then connect both the devices with 3.5mm audio cable and now turn on the devices.
  • Select the PC or RGB input on the TV with remote.
So, with the help of the above steps, users can take the help of any method. In case, you are still facing issues then you shall not panic. You can contact the respective customer service that is 24/7 active. This customer service will be delightfully helping you.

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