How to Boot Asus laptop

Human interaction with technology has always resulted in some beautiful innovation as well as making of some cool stuff. There is plenty of technological products which produced as a result of it. One such innovation which has deepest impact on our life is “ Personal computer or laptops. Laptops are one of the most revolutionary innovations of this century. It has overcome the drawbacks of the desktop computer. One can view, share as well as uploads any files or videos from anywhere in the world. Its sheer quality for easy to handle, battery packup and easy to carry makes it the most optional choice ahead of Desktop computer. There is plenty of laptop making company in the world. One such laptop making company in the world is Asus. Asus technical support Phone number assist and guide to the new user for any kind of queries and problem.

Most of us have heard about the Asus laptop. IF not, then it’s one of the top laptop making company in the world which built laptop and other interrelated accessories. Apart from that Asus is a leading electronic company which has decades of experience in making various electronic product like phone, notebook, networking component and monitor as well as Multimedia storage devices. It’s product having high strong hardware quality as well as reliable software quality. Its product are widely accepted as well as recognized as trustworthy. But sometimes user do face problem while working on it one of the common issue new user face while working on it is how to boot Asus Laptop. One can take the assistance from the technical support.

Follow the Simple Steps to Boot your Asus laptop :

  • First of all, open your drive the ASUS X55U to boost first from the DVD drive.
  • Again Press “ESC or F2” to enter the BIOS set up.
  • One must first click on Under the “Boot ‘’ tab, enable “ Launch CSM ‘’.
  • Then click on the “ Security ‘’ tab and further disable “ Secure Boot Control ‘’.
  • One needs to save the changes.
  • Again one has to exit and then further again press the Escape key or “ Esc or “ F2 ‘’ to enter the Bios set up again.
  • One has to boot the tab and then click onDVD drive option and further and choose from the available flash drives will appear.
  • Then choose the DVD drive as the first boot option.
  • Further save the changes and exit.

In case if one want to choose the other options like Flash or USB drives then one can take the help of technical support or follow these simple procedure :

  • First of all one has to insert the USB drive.
  • In order to boot from a USB drive, then one has to restart your computer and then wait for the screen to come up. Then
  • Further choose or Press F12 to choose Boot device on the screen.
  • Then select the USB as a booting device from the list of the option.
  • Again on depending upon your Bios, one need to use the Page up and Page down to move your selection to the top a list.
  • Then further exit of your BIOS, saving your changes. Usually on the option is under “ Exit “ on the main menu .
  • Then one should make their computer reboot. Mak
  • Then follow the instruction as per given on the screen.

In that case, if you have faced any problem regarding then Asus Tech Support Number, they have technical support team will make sure that whatever be the problem or issue must be resolved on timely basis. They can easily provide you all type of assistance and guidance to fix the problem on immediate basis. They work 24*7/365 days to make sure that all your grievances must be noted down and resolved on timely basis.

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