A laptop is a portable computer that increases the user’s efficiency by many folds thus it is one of the most used computing devices with billions of users worldwide but some of the users face a few technical issues. These problems are created due to some viruses which may prove to be fatal for the Laptop’s operating system thus a user needs anti-virus software to detect and remove these viruses if have any issues Install an Antivirus by a CD on my Laptop then call tech support engineer phone is +1-802-341-3473.

What is the process for installing an anti-virus program on a Laptop by using a CD?

For getting this software on the Laptop the user needs to follow this process.

  • The user needs to open the operating system of the Laptop and then insert the antivirus CD in the disk drive slot available on the device.
  • Select the program in the My Computer or My PC folder and open the program with a right-click of the mouse to start the installation process.
  • In the process of installation, the user is required to follow all the necessary steps and in this process, the installation window will provide the necessary assistance to the user by guiding them through the process.
  • The user needs to agree to the license that shows all the terms and conditions of the anti-virus program.
  • When the process is completed then the user is recommended to close the installation window and remove the CD from Laptop.

If the anti-virus software is asking the user for installing other programs on the Laptop then the user is recommended not to download them, because the anti-virus program does not need any help from a 3rd party to work properly.

Things to do after installing the anti-virus via CD in the Laptop

  • After installing it, the user is recommended to restart the Laptop so that the new program’s settings can properly take place in the Operating System of the Laptop.
  • Any antivirus software which is installed with CD always misses some of the important updates, thus most of the time when a user completes the installation process.
  • Thus, he gets the update now message and the user should update the virus or spyware definition in the anti-virus program.

If you are not able to install an antivirus CD on your laptop then you can establish contact with customer support of the manufacturer of the Laptop or anti-virus program developer to get the required information for installing the anti-malware software properly in the Laptop.

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