Laptops have made work life easy and fast. Laptops are easier to carry and transport and more efficient than PCs. Acer is an electronics and hardware corporation. They are making high-quality laptops for your budget. If you have purchased an Acer laptop and facing problems using the laptop and looking for possible ways How do I fix your Acer laptop problem? then you can view this blog.

A possible problem that you are facing with an Acer laptop.

Technology can be hard to understand sometimes. If your laptop is not working, then there are many problems that you may require to fix to enhance the performance of your laptop.

  • Hardware failure.

  • Battery issue or power supply.

  • Overheating.

  • Slow performance of the laptops.

  • The keyboard may not get a response.

These are a few problems that you can face with your Acer laptops. Your laptop may not be able to start it can happen because of the above-listed problems. However, many of them you can fix by sitting at your home after knowing the proper steps, but for some, like hardware failure, you need the assistance of a specialist.

How to fix the Acer laptop problem?

You may face problems using your laptop properly. If you are finding ways how to fix my Acer laptop problem, then you can simply follow these steps:

  • Detach all the external cables- Detach all the cables from your laptops, including flash drives, hard drives, optic drives, and even SD cards. This may be a reason for slowing down your laptop performance and requiring a boot.

  • Detach the docks and hubs- They may be putting an extra burden on your laptops. You can remove these and then see if there is any change in the performance of your laptop.

  • Connect the laptop to the charger- You must use your original charger. A third-party thunderbolt or USB is not advised.

  • Check the Laptop receiving the power- Acer provides the LED light, which tells if the laptop is receiving the power. The LED will turn on if the laptop is receiving power.

  • Try a different display- your laptop may be working fine. Check it by trying a different one.

  • Let the laptop turns on for the whole night- sometimes, laptops may not work or get started because it has reached their minimum recharge. In such a condition, leave the laptop on charging points overnight. It can power on your laptop.

  • Press F2 constantly on repeat to reach the BIOS- Reaching the BIOS may not help you, but you should still take the chance. If it works, then the window boot sequence creates the problem, and you need to fix that.

  • Withdraw the RAM, hard drives, and Wi-Fi Adapters- Your laptop may not work correctly because of your installed components. Since your device is new, it may not support them.

  • Repair shop- if the issue with your laptop is still unresolved, you should visit a repair shop.


You can take the help of the above-given information or dial Acer support number 1866-695-2237/408-533-7700. A customer executive will help you.

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