iOS is the famous operating system of apple for all of their devices. They mainly focus on the hardware of the apple devices such as iPhones, iPad, Macs, etc. You need to update the iOS for the smooth functioning of the apple devices. Sometimes, you download the latest iOS 16.1 on your apple device, and a black screen crashes on the screen. You get the message that the iPhone software update failed, and you repeatedly fail to try to do the same. Therefore users ask how I fix the iOS update error and get access again. You can see the given description and fix the error accordingly. 

Your device must support the new iOS software:

If you do not see any option for iOS software updates, your device may not support the latest release of the update. Therefore, you can follow the below points to this extent.

  • You need to identify your iPhone, iPad, or mac model. 
  • After this, you must check that your apple device comes under the list of all compatible devices for the iOS update. 
  • You can update the latest version of the iOS that is given on the screen. 

Your apple device must have enough space to update:

When you find the error while updating the iOS, your device doesn't have enough space. The software will try to make the space and remove the app data so that you can download it again on your data. If your device still has no space, you can use the computer to update the apple device.

You can go to the settings of your apple device and open the general settings. Under the storage tab, you can make the changes. 

The download can take a long time:

It is pretty apparent that you must need a proper internet connection to update the device. The time of the software update depends on the size and internet connectivity. To improve the connectivity, you must avoid downloading or scrolling some other content and use a WIFI network. 

Remove and download the iOS update again:

If you are still unable to install the iOS update, you need to download them again. For this, you can follow the below simple steps to fix the iOS update error and download the update accordingly.

  • Initially, you must open the settings of your apple device.
  • Under the general settings, you can choose the storage option.
  • You will get the list of apps that your device has, from which you need to select the update tab.
  • There, you can choose the delete update button to proceed further.
  • You can open the general settings of your device and go to the software update.
  • Thus, you can download the latest update and wait for some time to update to the newest version.

You can download the update from your computer if you do not find any update in the list of apps. With this, your problem with the update error will be resolved. 

Moreover, you can also connect with the customer service at apple support team. The customer representative will help you to fix the update error and provide you with the latest software version. They are professional in their work and give you the best advice.

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