Get all the information here to connect to HP Support Assistant

HP or Hewlett Packard is a big name in the technology industry and we all are connected to it in one or the other ways. In case you have any issues with any of the HP products or are a new user you need some information about it, you can speak to the HP support assistant anytime. 

The support team at HP is brilliant, and it takes a few minutes for them to resolve your problem. There are several options to connect to HP Support Assistant, but if you are unsure about it, this article is written for you. You will get all the information related to connecting with the HP assistant, go through it, and get what you need. However, phone calls are considered the quickest and simplest way to contact someone; let's start with it first. 

How to speak to the HP support assistant over the phone?

HP gives you ample phone numbers on its website dedicated to different departments. To connect with HP assistance, first, you need to pick the HP Support Phone Number and then dial it on your phone; here are the quick steps to explain it better:- 

  • Dial the HP hotline number available on the website after you log in 888-202-4320, 800-474-6836 or 800-HP-INVENT

  • Choose your service language as soon as the call is connected.

  • Then self-explanatory instructions guide you and provide you with various options; select the one that suits you. 

  • You can choose the product type in the main menu; the reason to call in the secondary menu.

  • Later you need to request to connect with a live agent or HP assistant; stay on the call.  

  • In 5-10 minutes, an HP assistant from the concerned department will greet you, with whom you can share your problems and get solutions. 

What are the Other ways to connect to the HP support assistant?

Chat support 

Apart from the phone call, you can also solve your queries via chat. The chat option is available on the support page, and here are the steps you can follow to access it:- 

  • On the support page, go to the section 'need help troubleshooting.' 

  • There you can go to the chat section and type your message 

  • For every query, the system will provide self-explanatory instruction 

  • Besides, you can request to connect with a live agent and start a live chat session if required

Email support 

Email is to share feedback, concern, complaint, or query that needs explanation. To email, you need to do the following:- 

  • Get on the support page and copy the official email id

  • You need to create a new email and paste the email id on the To section

  • Write the subject and your message or concern in the body of the email 

  • Click on send button once the email is ready 

So by using the above options and HP Customer Support Phone Number, you can connect to the HP support assistant anytime. The HP support team is always there to assist you. However, if you still need further info or have doubts, you can log in to your account and access personalized support. You can also connect to HP via other channels, like mailing addresses, WhatsApp, etc.

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