Acer is a multinational company that specializes in manufacturing hardware, laptops, desktops, data storage devices, and numerous other electronic items. If you are using an Acer product for personal or business use, you will get the best customer support on technical or regular issues for assistance. Acer ensures every customer using a product should be able to use it without a glitch, and for that, a dedicated customer support team is incorporated by Acer.

Technical services provided by Acer:

  • Issues on Acer after-sale product warranty.
  •  Information on the terms and conditions, Warranty status, and international products. defective products etc.
  • Windows support 
  • Find the serial number of the Acer product in a case, the customer is unable to find it.
  • Any technical troubleshooting is coming up with Acer products.
  • Technical assistance for out-of-warranty products.

Information on Acer customer support:

Connect on call:  Suppose you are not able to fix a technical issue with an Acer product, the customer support is always available on the phone for assistance. To connect with a representative on Acer support phone number, follow the consecutive steps:

  • Call on 1 866 695 2237
  • The call will connect with an automated voice of IVR.
  • Follow the instructions to know the numbers in accordance with the queries.
  • Or, you can choose to talk to a customer support person and have a conversation for assistance on the Acer product technical issues.

Connect on a live chat: A convenient way to reach Acer customer support is through the live chat service. You can discuss the issues in text messages and get instant responses from customer support. To access the Acer live chat:

  • Reach the official webpage of Acer on
  • Go to the technical support information page
  • Click on the live chat option
  • Enter the serial number or SNID and other information about the product 
  • Enter the query
  • Start the chat with the customer support person.

Live chat timings of Acer customer support:

The live chat service is available from 5 am - 2 am CST to answer the queries of the customers and provide support.

Send an email: You can communicate with Acer customer support via email. Write the query in detail and send it to Upon receiving the email, Acer customer support will revert to you with the required information in reference to the queries.

On the social network: if you check out the social media handles of Acer, there is a message tab for customers to connect with the support team for technical inquiries. Send your messages on the following pages of Acer:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Acer suggests customers watch the different videos on Acer America's youtube channel to get primary guidance to fix the technical or general issues.

Join the Acer community: Acer has a group of people using the products and giving reviews and other information. You can join the community and get technical help on issues and concerns.

Therefore to gather information on Acer have tech support, please go through the above illustrations and contact customer support for assistance.

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