Solve Dell Laptop Working Slowly Issues With These Provided Steps

Dell company is one of the most well-known and preferred companies in terms of laptops, printers, scanners, and many other electronic devices. Dell laptops on the other hand are being used by people from all around the world for personal and also for their official purpose. Dell laptops can easily be purchased from the markets for their use.

But, many times the user of Dell laptops complain that their laptops are working very slowly and is taking a long time to get started. This issue is really common and occurs usually because of internal problems. Some of the reasons for this could be outdated BIOS on the laptop, the old version of drivers, operating system issues, virus attack issues, and many more.

Therefore, if any time the user faces any such issue while working on their Dell laptops then they can simply follow the troubleshooting steps for its solutions and can even contact the Dell Customer Service Number. The particular number can be availed from the Dell website and can be reached at any hour of the day as the number is active for 24 hours.

Some of the ways by which the user can solve their Dell laptop issues :

- firstly the user should restart their Dell laptop.

- select F12 when the laptop starts and shows the Dell logo on the screen.

- by selecting F12 user will see the one-time boot option.

- select diagnostics and further click on enter.

- user should then follow the onscreen instructions to finish the process.

Users should also clean the air vents of their Dell laptops. This can be done by following these steps :

- First, the user should turn off their Dell laptops.

- Then, users should check the air vents on their laptops and further can clean them with compressed air.

Users can also free the hard disk space on their laptops. This can be done with the following steps :

- First of all select on start option.

- Go to the search box and enter disk cleanup in the given space.

- when the results will be displayed, the user needs to select disk cleanup.

- Select the driver that needs to be cleaned.

- When the scan is finished click on the check box for the file that needs to be deleted.

- Select delete to complete it.

Users should also check for viruses and malware on their Dell laptops as many times because viruses laptops work really slowly and create issues for the user.

Users should also update all the software installed on their laptops so that it works efficiently without any hassle.

Users can even update the BIOS of their Dell laptops.

Also, the user can update the device drivers on the laptop.

So, these are some of the ways through which the user can solve the slow working of their Dell laptops. The above-mentioned ways will totally help the user and will make their Dell laptops fast in it working so that they can work more efficiently.

Besides, if the user still faces the same issue and their Dell laptop is still working slowly then they can directly call on the Dell Laptop Technical Support Number and can talk with the concerned technical representatives. The technicians available on the phone lines are trained and are experts in solving all issues related to the user's Dell laptops. The technicians all the more can be contacted at any time and the user can get the best answers from the technical representatives. Also, the technicians will provide the best possible remote help to its user.

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