Get Details to Solve Dell Laptop not Working After Windows Update issue

Dell laptops as we all are aware is the most leading brand names in electronic products offering all types of laptops, printers, scanners and many more. On the other hand, people who are utilising Dell laptops needs to update their laptops time to time so as to make it work accordingly. But, there are users who complaint that their Dell laptops are not not working after they have updated it. This is one of the very common issue that the Dell laptop user face and which occurs because of several reasons such as Dell Laptop Reset Password issue as well as Dell Network Driver issue related to the internet connectivity and Dell Laptop not Turning On. Therefore, there are certain troubleshooting steps that the user needs to follow to solve Dell Laptop Not Working issues faced by the user.

Some of the Common Solutions For This Particular issue are Given Below:

1. First of all the user should process a hard reset on their Dell laptops for solving this issue. For doing so these steps needs to be followed:

  • firstly the Dell laptops should be powered off by the user.
  • then the user should make the AC adapter disconnected.
  • also the battery should be removed from the laptop.
  • the user should also disconnect the external devices.
  • now, the user should press and select the power button of the laptop for few seconds and should release it afterwards.
  • once this is done the battery and the AC adaptor should be again connected.

2. If this solution doesn’t fix this particular issue then the user should run the hardware diagnostics on their systems.

Therefore, with these steps the user will easily be able to solve internal hard disk drive not found dell problems and further they can start continue their work on it. These steps will totally solve the issue and will make it easier for the user to access their work on their Dell laptops.

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