How to Connect Laptop to Smart TV?

After smartphones, now Smart Tv has been introduced in the market for people. These TVs are such that they can be connected with laptops, computers and even phones. These smart TVs can directly mirror the screen when connected with other electronic machines. Hence, if you are a user who wishes to connect your laptop with Smart TV but does not know how then you shall not get reluctant. As you have landed here in search of your answer so you can relax as we have you covered. You can follow the steps further in this article to connect laptop to smart TV without hesitation.

Steps to Connect Laptop to Your Smart Tv!

Learning How to Connect Laptop to Smart Tv with HDMI Cable!

  • Start by connecting the laptop to TV with the help of HDMI Cable.
  • Then turn on both the devices and wait for them to load all the settings.
  • And now select the correct HDMI input on the TV with the help of the remote.
  • This is how you can easily connect and use Smart Tv with a laptop.

In case the connection does not start automatically than from your laptop screen you need to tap on settings and choose the Display option under the system section. Make sure that TV is selected.

Connecting Laptop to Smart TV with VGA Cable!

  • Start by connecting the laptop and TV with VGA Cable.
  • And then connect both the devices with 3.5mm audio cable and now turn on the devices.
  • Select the PC or RGB input on the TV with remote.

So, with the help of the above steps, users can take the help of any method. In case, you are still facing issues then you shall not panic. You can contact the respective customer service that is 24/7 active. This customer service will be delightfully helping you.

How to Find the Laptop Model Number?

Every laptop device there is a separate id number or unique identity with which you can identify one particular laptop model. The model number is required during a lot of times as if you want to get your laptop fixed. Hence if you want to find the model number of your laptop, tap below for the steps.

Steps to find the Model Number of the Laptop

  • Suppose if you use Windows 8 model laptop then open your device and open the command prompt by pressing the window key on your keyboard and then tap on the letter X at the same time.
  • Now open the side pop up and click on the command prompt(admin).
  • Type the command WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME and press enter.
  • Once you have finished all the steps, the model number of your laptop will appear on the screen.
  • Now suppose if you use the HP brand laptop then you can find the model number of your device with alternative steps as well.
  • Another method is to use the system information screen.
  • Press the FN-ESC button to open the HP system information window.
  • Once you open the HP system pop up, a lot of miscellaneous information will be load and hence you have to find out the heading called Product number with which you can find the model number of your laptop.
  • You can also find the model number and device name of your laptop in the form of stickers under the device.
  • You can find the sticker of the device’s details in any corner of the laptop.
  • The model number of the laptop verifies the authentication of the device and hence it can be used for identifying the product and brand.

And thus with the help of these steps, you can find laptop model number. In case of doubts, you can also contact the customer care team.

How can I Install Games on my Laptop without CD Drive?

Learn the Alternatives to Install Games on Laptop Instead of CD Drive

Do you love to play games on your Laptop? What if you wanted to install some new games on your Laptop but it is without a CD drive. Now, if you are wondering whether installing games on a Laptop without CD drive is possible or not, then the correct answer is yes it is very much feasible. Some alternate options are available that helps to install games on Laptop even if your device comes without CD drive. Therefore if you want to learn the alternative methods to install games on your Laptop without CD drives, then get the correct information from below.

Install Magic Disc program

  • Open a browser on your Laptop and go to the Magic ISO web page
  • Next, download the Magic Disc version based on the operating system in your Laptop
  • Then open Magic Disc setup from download folder and start its installation
  • Once the installation is complete a pop up window will appear on Laptop screen
  • Right click on the icon then choose virtual CD/DVD option
  • Then go to Mount image tab and choose the files you want to run as CD image
  • Hereafter, start playing the game on your Laptop directly or install it first

Use External CD Drive

  • You can also use an external CD drive to install games on your Laptop instead of internal CD drive
  • At first you have to connect that external CD drive on your Laptop’s USB port
  • Then start installing the game on your Laptop via that external CD drive you have connected
  • Once the game is installed on your Laptop you can play comfortably and enjoy it

Use a USB Flash Drive

  • USB flash drives has also become very common now a days that comes at very reasonable price with good enough storage space
  • You can use this USB flash drive to install and play games on your Laptop
  • At first, you need to make your USB flash drive boo table before using to install game on Laptop
  • You can also use USB flash drive to transfer a game in your Laptop from someone else system

Therefore if you are inquiring how to install games on my laptop without CD drive, then the most feasible alternatives are already discussed above. However, you can also get help from a technical expert, at the time you encounter trouble while installing a new game on your Laptop without CD drive in the most successful manner.

How do I Install an Antivirus by a CD on my Laptop?

A laptop is a portable computer which that increase the user’s efficiency by many folds thus it is one of the most used computing devices with billions of users worldwide but some of the users face a few technical issues.

These problems are created due to some viruses which may prove to be fatal for the Laptop’s operating system thus a user needs an anti-virus software to detect and remove these viruses.

What is the process to install an anti-virus program in Laptop by using CD

For getting this software in the Laptop the user needs to follow this process.

  • The user needs to open the operating system of the Laptop and then insert the antivirus CD in the disk drive slot available on the device.
  • Select the program in My Computer or My PC folder and open the program with a right-click of the mouse to start the installation process.
  • In the process of installation, the user is required to follow all the necessary steps and in this process, the installation window will provide the necessary assistance to the user by guiding through the process.
  • The user needs to agree to the license that shows all the terms and conditions of the anti-virus program.
  • When the process is completed then the user is recommended to close the installation window and remove the CD from Laptop.

If the anti-virus software is asking the user for installing other programs in the Laptop then the user is recommended not to download them, because the anti-virus program does not need any help of the 3rd party to work properly.

Things to do after installing the anti-virus via CD in the Laptop

  • After installing it, the user is recommended to restart the Laptop so that the new program’s settings can properly take place in the Operating System of the Laptop.
  • Any antivirus software which is installed with CD always miss some of the important updates, thus most of the time when a user completes the installation process.
  • Thus, he gets the update now message and the user should update the virus or spyware definition in the anti-virus program.

If you are not able to install an antivirus CD on my laptop then you can establish the contact with the customer support of the manufacturer of the Laptop or anti-virus program developer to get the required information for installing the anti-malware software properly in the Laptop.

How Do I Find Mac Address on My Laptop?

Looking for a way to find the Mac Address of your laptop but get tired of searching? Then don’t worry at all and you can follow the below instructions to find Mac address on Windows, Chromebook, and Mac:

For Chromebook

  • Turn on your Chromebook and then click on your account picture.
  • Click on Connected to section.
  • Now select your network at the top of the box.
  • Now you can see your Mac address which is Hardware address.

For Windows 10

  • Go to the Start menu and then right-click on it.
  • Select Command Prompt.
  • Now type “ipconfig/all” into the search bar and then press the Enter.
  • Now network configuration will open and then scroll down to Network Adapter.
  • After that, look for Physical Address which is next to your Mac address.

For Windows 8

  • Open the Start menu by pressing the Windows Start button.
  • Type cmd into the search box and then press the Enter.
  • Now Command Prompt open and then type “ipconfig/all”.
  • Now press the Enter.
  • After that, you can see the Mac address next to Physical Address.

For Windows 7

  • Click on the Start menu which is available at the left bottom of the page.
  • Type cmd into the search bar and then press the Enter.
  • Now type “getmac” into the Command Prompt box and then press the Enter.
  • You will be able to see the Mac address next to Physical Address.

Mac OS X

  • Click on the Apple icon which is accessible at the top-left corner.
  • Click on System Preference.
  • Choose the name of your network with whom you are currently connected at the left-side of the screen.
  • Click on Advanced option.
  • Now your Mac address will appear next to Wi-Fi Address.

In case you are still confused about how to find my Mac address in Laptop, then you can directly contact the customer support team of and get the effective solutions on all sorts of laptop related problems.

How to Install Antivirus in Laptop without Cd Drive?

How to Install an Antivirus in a Laptop without a CD Drive?

An antivirus is online software that is used to install in the devices to protect it from malware and viruses that can harm the computer and the data stored in it. Basically, there are two ways with which one can easily install the antivirus. You can either buy a CD or DVD of the software or download any licensed software on the internet.

Installing the Antivirus Software without a CD Drive

There are a lot of laptops that don’t have a CD drive and if you are installing software such as an antivirus program then there is an alternative method for that as well. There are a few steps to install antivirus in laptop without CD Drive. Tap below for the details.

Steps to Install Software without a CD Drive

  • You can use any external CD/DVD drive to a USB port and connect it to your device.
  • Now plug a USB cable in the USB port of your device.
  • If you face any difficulty while putting the USB Cable, read the documentation that came with the device.
  • Moving on, after you have installed the drive, now insert the software CD in the CD drive and follow the online instructions to download/install the Antivirus.

Another Alternative Method

In case you are not able to connect your device with an external CD drive then you can also use another alternative to make it work. You can share a CD/DVD with any other computer which has the drive. You can first set up a wireless network and share the CD/DVD and then use the shares device to install the software. And hence you are done with all the steps. In case you face any doubt or issue, you can contact the customer care team of the device you use.

HP Laptop Sound Not Working

HP Laptop Sound Not Working

HP is a renowned brand name in the world of laptops. If you have HP laptop and facing the issue of HP laptop sound not working, there could be several hardware or software issues which may cause sound and audio problems. Go through following to fix the issue:

  • To fix the issue, disconnect all the external sound devices, such as digital audio, external speakers, earphones or headphones. Try to restore the internal sound systems with all external devices disconnected. Reconnect each device one by one and test the sound to isolate the problem. Lick Hp Envy Sound Not Working
  • No Sound on HP Laptop Perform a simple sound system test: Go through following steps to perform sound check:

How to Fix No Sound on HP Laptop Issues

  1. No Sound on HP Laptop Perform a simple sound system test: Go through following steps to perform sound check:
  2. Double click on the sound icon in the task bar.
  3. Select Mixer which displays controls for all of the sound application.
  4. Click on Start, then, Control Panel.
  5. Select Hardware and Sound.
  6. Select Sound.
  7. In the Sounds tab, select an option under Program that has sound icon next to it.
  8. Click on Test.
  9. This makes Sound to be audible through the notebook’s speakers.

How to Contact HP Laptop Sound Not Working Technical Support Team

  • Check the volume and mute settings:
  1. Double click on the Sound icon.
  2. Select Mixer.
  3. This displays all the active sound applications.
  4. Check if the volume for the device in question is not set to mute.
  5. If it is, then click on it to unmute it.
  • Test the Sound devices:
  1. Double click on the Sound icon.
  2. Select Mixer to display controls.
  3. Click on Start, in the search field type Sound.
  4. Select Sound from list.
  5. Check if the Speakers sound device is set as the default device and is enabled.
  6. Right clicking on Speakers enables the Sound option.

If you are unable to diagnose the issue and need further help, all you need to do is dial HP support phone number. The tech support executives of HP are technically sound and provide apt solution to the problem.

How to Contact Apple Customer Service?

How to Contact Apple Customer Service

Apple Incorporation has been a tech giant in the digital world with the unique features of its products and due to its per-sales to post- sales customer service. Due to its customer support policies and the customer support that it offers, Apple has maintained its popularity among people and is reigning over the market. If you need to know about the product specifications that you are willing to buy or still need to make choice which Apple laptop, iPhone or iPad you could buy, then, you can contact Apple customer service by dialling Apple Customer Service Number. The executives of Apple customer service are very adept, professional and highly trained and provide apt solution to customer needs.

Having any Technical issue regarding the Apple devices, Contact the Apple Technical Support Phone Number

However, if you are facing any technical issues like you are receiving an error while logging into your iTunes account, iPad or iPhone account, or facing any hardware issues like you had dropped the Apple device and since then the device is malfunctioning, then, all you need to do is reach out the technical pro’s of Apple who are highly adept, technically sound and provide the apt solution to the customer needs and if there is need that you have to show your device to the service center, then, also you can dial on Apple Technical Support Phone Number and you will be provided all the technical support and solution to your technical issues.The best part of technical support is it is available to you 24*7 that is you can contact the technical support whenever you need.

Contact Apple Customer Support Phone Number

If you don’t have the Apple Customer Support Phone Number, then you can avail the number from

Apple official website and contact the customer support. The Apple customer support helps to shoot away the following troubles:

  • Apple check for outdated software.
  • Apple Serial Key Issues
  • Apple Recovery Key Issues: This issue is related to the issue when your do the password change. If you had upgraded your Apple ID from the process of two-step verification in one of the following or if in all of the following:
  • iOS11 and later, macOS High Sierra and later, then, having the recovery key can help you to reset your password.
  • Apple iTune support center.
  • Best technical support and service for Apple software.
  • Apple Live Technical help

However, if you are still unable to log into your account, then, you can call on above given number.

If you have recently bought the products of Apple and fidgeting to use the products, then, without hesitation you can contact the customer support of Apple, by calling on Apple Helpline Number. The customer service executives of Apple will assist you in following ways:

  • Apple software issues
  • Apple iCould issues.
  • Apple account not opening up issues.
  • Apple pop up text issues.
  • Apple camera and videos are not working properly.
  • Apple broken links.
  • Apple configuring browser and camera settings.
  • If you have any issues regarding software in your Mac system, the Apple support center executives are available 24/7 to help you out.

The Apple has also launched Apple Toll Free Number, to help out its customers. One can contact on the number 24/7 and get the assistance for queries and if needed the customer support executives will direct the call to the concerned department and you will get the assistance right from the concerned department.

Hp Laptop Touch Screen Not Working

How to Fix HP Laptop Touch Screen Not Working Issue?

HP is quite populous among the people due to advanced gadgets and one of such is the HP Laptop. The features and inbuilt chips and equipment are marvellous and thus allow the users to relish the entire elements of the web world in an effective manner.Despite having the significant features HP Laptop touch screen not working issue made the users annoyed. Well, the solution of such issue is not so complex, applying few advanced methods will resolve the same and the troubleshooting steps are listed beneath.

How to Hard Reset Hp Laptop

  • First and foremost, turn off your computer.
  • Remove all the peripherals from your Laptop and make sure to unplug the adopter from the Laptop.
  • If Laptop has a removable battery, then remove the same and then press the Power button for 15 seconds so that the remaining electrical residual should be removed.
  • Now, insert the battery on your Laptop and connect the adopter to the Laptop.
  • Turn ON the Laptop by pressing the Power button.
    Now, check the touch screen, if the issues ‘Hp Laptop Hard Reset ’ still persist then try another method and in this method, you will have to enable the touch screen driver and also need to reinstall the same.

Make sure the Hp Laptop Touch Screen driver is Enabled in Device Manager

  • Click on the Start Menu and type ‘Device Manager’ in the search bar and hit Enter.
  • In the ‘Device Manager’ page, you will find ‘Human Interface Devices’ option, select the same and from the list of available options, select ‘HID-complaint Hp Laptop Touch Screen’ right-click on it and select ‘Enable’.

Reinstall Hp Laptop Touch Screen drivers

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Move to ‘Human Interface Devices’ expand the same and then select ‘HID-complaint touch screen’, right-click on it and select an option ‘Uninstall’.
  • After uninstalling, restart your Laptop and thereafter, you will be asked to install the touch screen drivers, do the same.

These solutions will fix the issue but also ensure to uninstall the Windows update and make sure the touch display is properly configured. HP offers HP system recovery and you can use the same to troubleshoot the touch screen issues.

Hp Laptop Black Screen after Login is an issue makes the users annoyed and this kind of issue arises, due to windows update. Sometimes lack of update of BIOS also becomes a possible factor in this issue. So, to resolve the same, follow the steps listed beneath.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen After Login

Update BIOS in Hp Laptop

  • First and foremost, turn off the Laptop and make sure the Laptop is getting the power supply via an adaptor.
  • Now, press and hold the ‘Window’ key and ‘B’ key together when the computer is off and be in the same position while turning ON the Laptop. After starting the Laptop, release the keys.
  • Soon, you will find HP BIOS update screen and this shows that BIOS is ready to update.

This solution will fix the above-said issue. However, HP Laptop Black Screen fix can be done by resetting the memory modules and for the same, you will have to open the back cover of the Laptop to get the RAM. After getting the same, remove it and insert the same. But while inserting in the slot, keep the module in 45 degrees and then press the same.

Apply this method carefully and make sure don’t press hard enough. That’s it; you are all done.

Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Not Working

Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Touchpad  Not Working

When you find out that the keyboard of the Toshiba laptop isn’t properly functioning, at that point it’s always better addressing the issue at the earliest opportunity as avoiding the issue can lead to additionally issues. You should follow the choices mentioned beneath to guarantee that the issue disappears. As a solution to the issue of Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working properly functioning you will have the best solutions now.

Keyboard isn’t working

  • Reboot the laptop by tapping and holding the power button till the point when the unit power gets off and disconnect any kind of external devices (e.g. ext. keyboard/mouse , USB-devices, printer, etc..).
  • If your keyboard happens to work even after disconnecting every external peripheral, check each external segment on failures.
  • Press the “Caps Lock” key. Is the light of the key turning on and off?
  • Try making use of an external USB or PS/2 keyboard if not done officially. In the event that it use to works continue to the following stage.
  • Try to make a Bios refresh with the assistance of an external keyboard (if it’s working) and check if your internal keyboard happens to be working after this firmware refresh.
  • Did a few liquids were poured over the keyboard? In such case you need to bring your machine quickly to an ASP, evacuate the battery on the off chance that it is possible and don’t try to power on your machine once more!

Toshiba Laptop Screen Not Working

This happens when you see that the Toshiba Laptop Not Working. You should do the following things at that point. You should make similar strides when you will see that the Toshiba Laptop Screen Not Working.

  • Reboot the computer by pressing and holding the power button until the point that the unit powers off and disconnect any external devices (e.g. ext. keyboard/mouse, USB-devices, printer, etc..). In the event that your keyboard works subsequent to evacuating every external peripheral, check each external part on failures.
  • Verify that the right language was chosen in the “Locale and Language Options”
  • Try making use of an external PS/2 or USB keyboard if not effectively done. In the event that the external keyboard is working legitimately, it is possible the internal keyboard is functioning properly; you should visit your nearby ASP.
  • Did a few liquids were drizzled over the keyboard? For this situation you need to bring your machine promptly to an ASP, evacuate the battery if possible and don’t try to power your machine on once more!

Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Not Working

At the season of the complexity Toshiba Touchpad Not Working you should do the following:

  • Make beyond any doubt the touch cushion isn’t handicapped. Try to empower it with the help of Fn-F9.
  • Disconnect any kind of external devices (e.g. external keyboard, USB-devices, printer, etc…). In the event that your touchpad use to work subsequent to evacuating every single external peripheral, check each external portion on failures.
  • Confirm if the mistake holds on after rebooting of the machine.
  • Try associating an external mouse in the event not done effectively. (which has been confirmed working appropriately) and check if the mistake continues.
  • Check the touchpad settings in the “Mouse Properties” and empower the touchpad if it’s unintentionally debilitated.
  • Remove your mouse from the “Device Manager” in the “Control Panel” and reinstall it with the most recent driver accessible.